Calendar Featured Business


Calendar Featured Business of the Month (only available to the first 12 Businesses). Price is $100.00.

This calendar will include all National Holidays PLUS all Chamber Sponsored Events.

Please email your desired photo(s) to
[email protected]

You can use JPG, PNG, or GIF images that have sufficient resolution (pixels). Any picture taken from a 3 megapixel (or higher) camera/device should have no resolution problems. Keep in mind that blurry or grainy pics on your screen will print the same or worse if enlarged. Also, images and logos from web sites may not have enough resolution for printing at these sizes.

Please include any logos or business information that you would like included with your photos.

Also, please state if there is a specific month that you would prefer to be featured in. Choices 1-3. I will do my best to accommodate your request.

For questions contact Katherine 208-538-9513