June's Newsletter

Fri, 06/01/2018 - 8:00am By St. Anthony Ch…
June Newsletter

Chamber's next meeting is June 12th at 7 pm 

Held at the chamber's office in city hall.  We will have a speaker from the Small Business Administration Irene Gonzalez.  To speak to us about what we can do for our small businesses. 

The 63rd Fisherman’s Breakfast had a great turn out.

The weather was good, the food was great.  The cooks were surprised with 2 new grills. Our old grills are wearing out. Looks like the Fisherman’s Breakfast will be around for another 63 years.

Henry Forks Homes had a Grand Opening on May 25th.

Welcome to the community! With the beginning of the summer, we all will be busy enjoying the good weather and the activities that our state provides, be very careful.  Watch out for motorcycles and people on bikes. Remember to look both ways and then look again. The area's waterways are swelled with runoff. Wear a personal flotation device and make good decisions when recreating on our areas many rivers, streams, and lakes. Stay safe and come home.